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December 20 2013


The Best Carp Bait For The Winter Months

The type of bait that you use when carp fishing (karp hengel) during the winter might have to be modified to some degree. The metabolism of the carp will be much lower during the winter months, causing them to become very lethargic. There are, however, specific types of bait that work very well when trying to catch carp during the winter season.

One thing that many anglers add to their carp bait is rock salt; this is a secret that many fishermen use, especially during winter months that are exceptionally cold. This can be used on pellets, pastes or maggots in most cases. You can also be extremely successful when using this on a bag made of PVC.

Another possibility is using fluoro white boilies with egg, mixing it into a malt creating a delicious syrup. A sugar-based type of bait can be very useful during the winter months simply because carp love all types of bait that have a sweet flavour.

Carp are also able to digest maggots very easily, making this a very good carp bait. You can easily balance out your hook by using a PVA mesh back that is completely filled with maggots and grubs, along with rubber grubs on your carp fishing (karp- hengel) rig.

If you have access to spicy Asian food or spices, this is something else that carp are attracted to. You can use masala, garlic salt, and turmeric in order to spice up the bait that you cast out on your line. This can also be used on boilies, or even the maggots and grubs that you use for bait as well.

Corn is another very popular type of bait; based upon its shape and colour it can attract carp very easily regardless of what time of the year it actually is. This is a very simple bait system, but anglers have had success using it for decades.

In most cases, since carp are omnivores, you can use virtually any type of bait; you can use bread as bait as well. To be ultimately successful, depending upon where you will be fishing, ask the locals what they use. If they are using a specific type of bait on a regular basis, this is what you will want to use because the carp have been conditioned to a certain flavour of bait due to the local fishermen that have been in the area for years.

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December 05 2013


Tips For Carp Fishing Today

Before you go on your next carp fishing trip, having a plan of action ready to go is something you should already have prepared. In regard to carp fishing, this is the best way that you can begin to assess your own weaknesses and strengths in regard to this type of fishing. If you have made mistakes in the past that you would like to correct, this is the best way to get a handle on becoming more successful each and every time you go out.

One of the best ways to reward yourself is to use this planned approach, something that will help you refine and adapt to new ways of becoming more proficient. You might want to focus on using the right type of bait for your carp fishing trip, something that every angler needs to understand. Since carp are extremely liberal in regard to what they eat because they are omnivores, you can use generally anything to bait them.

Some of the favorite foods of carp include bread, corn, worms, and insects, some of which are naturally found in the habitat in which they exist. So when you arrive at a lake to go fishing, before you actually cast your line, you should stop by a local fish and tackle shop to ask them what type of bait is most useful for the carp in that area and if they have any good carp fishing tips that they could share.

Since carp are much more active in warmer waters, the best time to fish for them is usually during the summer months. If they see bait in the water, they will be more willing to go after it if they are warm.

Another way to find carp is to look for flooded grass; in most cases, carp will gravitate toward these areas to feel safer, which will in turn allow you to have a higher probability of reeling one in.

A decent mainline is something that you should certainly have when you are considering all of the most important tackle in your arsenal. Using fluorocarbon for your mainline, you will have the best possible chance of landing a carp because it is virtually invisible once it is in the water.

You should also consider using Hooklink material when fishing for carp. Starting off with coded braid type rigs is best, especially for beginners, even though fluorocarbon is great to use when trying to catch carp. If you are a beginner, utilizing PVA bags will help you win ground baiting because it will ensure that the feed which you are using is placed as close to the bait as possible. As long as you have an abundance of patience, and you don't mind repetitive actions for many hours on end, you should be able to catch carp, even if you are a beginner, as long as you have the proper gear and equipment, and excellent weather to do your fishing.

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November 04 2013


What You Need to Know to Select Good Fishing Equipment

Are you interested in fishing? As you are getting started with the sport, it is important that you find and purchase good equipment in order to be successful. There are a number of inferior products on the market. Because some are quite inexpensive, they are tempting to buy, particularly if you are not sure that fishing is right for you. However, you are not going to get very much enjoyment out of fishing if you do not actually land any fish. Therefore, cheap equipment is not the best idea; instead, good fishing tackle is crucial. To pick out the right kind of equipment, it is imperative that you have an idea of what kind of fish you will be trying to catch, will you be doing bass fishing, carp fishing or saltwater fishing.

Fishing in the Ocean

Deep-sea fishing generally involves taking a boat out on the ocean, and most people charter one because of the convenience it provides. You usually do not have to worry about bringing many supplies, because the people in charge of the boat have everything you need on board. Because fish in the ocean can be quite big and strong, it is important to use a thick fishing line. You never know; you could catch a fish that weighs more than you do!

You will also notice a difference between your saltwater pole and your freshwater pole. The saltwater pole will be quite a bit longer in order to handle the type of fish that you will be targeting.

Salmon Fishing

If you are headed out to a stream or lake in search of salmon, you must take a few things into consideration. First, salmon are not small fish. Often, you can catch salmon that weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. Your rod has to be strong enough to support the size of the fish, so you should not bring the same equipment that you would bring to catch a trout.

To be on the safe side, look for a fishing pole and reel that can support a fish up to 20 pounds. That should ensure that your rod does not snap because of the size of the fish on your line.

Before you buy any fishing equipment, think about the purpose of your fishing trip. What are you hoping to catch? Where will you be fishing (salt water or fresh water)? Once you answer those questions, it will not be hard to find the equipment that you need.

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October 29 2013


Basic Fishing Knots For The Novice

If you are just learning how to fish, it is important to learn how to tie knots. This is just as essential as learning about your lines and lures. When you are tying together your reel, line and lure, you can use one of many knots to serve the purpose.

The test approach is to learn the basic, simple knots first. Practice that before you tie them on your fishing line. After you develop a certain level familiarity with the basic knots, then you can advance to the more complex types of knots.

This article has instructions on how to tie a few of the more popular knots that work very well for beginners on their fishing trips. When you can tie good fishing knots, you have more success catching fish.

If you have tie together lines that have different lengths, like when you are attaching your backing line to your main fishing line, you should the Blook Knot. Point the ends of these lines together so that the ends point in opposite directions to each other. Take the end of the shorter line and wrap around your main line with it five times. Then, take this line through the spot the these lines meet each other. Then, take the longer line and wrap that around the shorter line no more than four times. The line should pass through the hole that you made in the opposite direction. Wet these lines a bit and slowly pull on them. When you reach the end, give it firm jerk to tighten. You may have excess line at the ends, so you can go ahead and trim them off. This will give you a clean knot that will not get caught on anything.

Another knot you can try is the Trilene Knot. This is a good, strong knot that ou can use to connect swivels, snaps, lurs or hooks. The knot does not slip so you will not have to worry about the knot coming apart on you. Take the end of your line and run it through the hook or lure. Take the end and run it through a second time through the same hole. Then, wrap the line around the main part six time. Thread the line end through the coils and the eye. Give the line a quick jerk and tighten the knot. Trim of the end to prevent snagging.

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October 25 2013


Fishing Tackle Lures: Jigs, Spinners, And Spoons

Fishing tackle is as diverse as the open waters and the fish within. The tackle that you use will depend upon your level of experience, the location, and the species of fish you are trying to attract. Some lures such as jigs are universal and can be used by anyone to catch any type of fish. Spinners and spoons are best used when conditions are less favorable in order to attract fish.


Jigs are designed to deliver rapid, jerky vertical movement through the water. They are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any condition. An inexpensive tackle choice, they consist of a weighted head with an attached hook. Jigs are covered with a soft material and come in a variety of colors to attract different fish species.

The motion of the jig comes from the fisherman. Due to its weight, it will slowly sink to the bottom of the water. Once the line becomes slack, it should be tugged and reeled in to make it dance. This motion resembled jig dancing and an experienced angler will be able to attract his prey.


Spinners are excellent lures for the beginner. They consist of blades made from metal that are attached to the wire of the fishing hook. These blades spin while the lure is in motion and the movement in the water plus the reflection of the light on the metal blade attracts a wide variety of fish species.

The vibrations that the blade creates makes them a great choice for dark, murky waters. Because the blade motion is started by movement through water, the beginner doesn't have to know very much in order to use the spinner. Simply cast your line and let the spinner do the work.


The fist spoon lures were literally made from real spoons with the handle removed. As spoons move through the water, they move back and forth in a waving motion. The motion emulates bait fish and is very attractive to a variety of species. Quality game fish that eat smaller fish arrive to chow down on this lure.

Spoons are now manufactured in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Because they use sight to attract the fish, clear water conditions are a requirement. The flash is important, so make sure that your spoons have highly reflective materials within them for best effect.

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October 19 2013


What You Need To Think About When Selecting The Best Carp Fishing Rigs

Fishing for carp is not based on luck. It is more like a science. If you want to catch a bunch of carp, you will need to know the best carp fishing rig to use for that. You certainly do not want to sit around the lake for a long time and have nothing to show for it. So, if you want to improve your chances in catching a lot of carp, learn what the best rigs are before you head out to the lake.

Do some research on the area where you are headed. What kind of fish are there, and what are you trying to catch in particular? Different types of tackle are effective on different types of fish. So, you need to find the tackle that works well on the fish in the area that you are going to. Have on hand several rig options because if one type does not work, you can switch to another type to see if things will improve. If your find the right rig to use, you will catch fish, big and small.

Many people do not have much success in catching fish whenever they go on a fishing trip. That may be because they are ill prepared, or maybe they were at a bad fishing spot with hardly any fish. However, you can avoid situations like this. Just do some research for the best spots and the best rigs to use, and you can maximize your chances of catching something. You can either cook what you catch or throw them back if you are only fishing for the sport. The main thing to remember is that you should be enjoying yourself while you are fishing.

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