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December 20 2013


The Best Carp Bait For The Winter Months

The type of bait that you use when carp fishing (karp hengel) during the winter might have to be modified to some degree. The metabolism of the carp will be much lower during the winter months, causing them to become very lethargic. There are, however, specific types of bait that work very well when trying to catch carp during the winter season.

One thing that many anglers add to their carp bait is rock salt; this is a secret that many fishermen use, especially during winter months that are exceptionally cold. This can be used on pellets, pastes or maggots in most cases. You can also be extremely successful when using this on a bag made of PVC.

Another possibility is using fluoro white boilies with egg, mixing it into a malt creating a delicious syrup. A sugar-based type of bait can be very useful during the winter months simply because carp love all types of bait that have a sweet flavour.

Carp are also able to digest maggots very easily, making this a very good carp bait. You can easily balance out your hook by using a PVA mesh back that is completely filled with maggots and grubs, along with rubber grubs on your carp fishing (karp- hengel) rig.

If you have access to spicy Asian food or spices, this is something else that carp are attracted to. You can use masala, garlic salt, and turmeric in order to spice up the bait that you cast out on your line. This can also be used on boilies, or even the maggots and grubs that you use for bait as well.

Corn is another very popular type of bait; based upon its shape and colour it can attract carp very easily regardless of what time of the year it actually is. This is a very simple bait system, but anglers have had success using it for decades.

In most cases, since carp are omnivores, you can use virtually any type of bait; you can use bread as bait as well. To be ultimately successful, depending upon where you will be fishing, ask the locals what they use. If they are using a specific type of bait on a regular basis, this is what you will want to use because the carp have been conditioned to a certain flavour of bait due to the local fishermen that have been in the area for years.

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