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Basic Fishing Knots For The Novice

If you are just learning how to fish, it is important to learn how to tie knots. This is just as essential as learning about your lines and lures. When you are tying together your reel, line and lure, you can use one of many knots to serve the purpose.

The test approach is to learn the basic, simple knots first. Practice that before you tie them on your fishing line. After you develop a certain level familiarity with the basic knots, then you can advance to the more complex types of knots.

This article has instructions on how to tie a few of the more popular knots that work very well for beginners on their fishing trips. When you can tie good fishing knots, you have more success catching fish.

If you have tie together lines that have different lengths, like when you are attaching your backing line to your main fishing line, you should the Blook Knot. Point the ends of these lines together so that the ends point in opposite directions to each other. Take the end of the shorter line and wrap around your main line with it five times. Then, take this line through the spot the these lines meet each other. Then, take the longer line and wrap that around the shorter line no more than four times. The line should pass through the hole that you made in the opposite direction. Wet these lines a bit and slowly pull on them. When you reach the end, give it firm jerk to tighten. You may have excess line at the ends, so you can go ahead and trim them off. This will give you a clean knot that will not get caught on anything.

Another knot you can try is the Trilene Knot. This is a good, strong knot that ou can use to connect swivels, snaps, lurs or hooks. The knot does not slip so you will not have to worry about the knot coming apart on you. Take the end of your line and run it through the hook or lure. Take the end and run it through a second time through the same hole. Then, wrap the line around the main part six time. Thread the line end through the coils and the eye. Give the line a quick jerk and tighten the knot. Trim of the end to prevent snagging.

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