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Fishing Tackle Lures: Jigs, Spinners, And Spoons

Fishing tackle is as diverse as the open waters and the fish within. The tackle that you use will depend upon your level of experience, the location, and the species of fish you are trying to attract. Some lures such as jigs are universal and can be used by anyone to catch any type of fish. Spinners and spoons are best used when conditions are less favorable in order to attract fish.


Jigs are designed to deliver rapid, jerky vertical movement through the water. They are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any condition. An inexpensive tackle choice, they consist of a weighted head with an attached hook. Jigs are covered with a soft material and come in a variety of colors to attract different fish species.

The motion of the jig comes from the fisherman. Due to its weight, it will slowly sink to the bottom of the water. Once the line becomes slack, it should be tugged and reeled in to make it dance. This motion resembled jig dancing and an experienced angler will be able to attract his prey.


Spinners are excellent lures for the beginner. They consist of blades made from metal that are attached to the wire of the fishing hook. These blades spin while the lure is in motion and the movement in the water plus the reflection of the light on the metal blade attracts a wide variety of fish species.

The vibrations that the blade creates makes them a great choice for dark, murky waters. Because the blade motion is started by movement through water, the beginner doesn't have to know very much in order to use the spinner. Simply cast your line and let the spinner do the work.


The fist spoon lures were literally made from real spoons with the handle removed. As spoons move through the water, they move back and forth in a waving motion. The motion emulates bait fish and is very attractive to a variety of species. Quality game fish that eat smaller fish arrive to chow down on this lure.

Spoons are now manufactured in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Because they use sight to attract the fish, clear water conditions are a requirement. The flash is important, so make sure that your spoons have highly reflective materials within them for best effect.

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